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Who We Are

Providing Property Management Services since 1988

CEPCO Management, Inc. is one of Minnesota’s leading providers of rental housing management services. We specialize in full service rental property management both for affordable housing and market rate properties.

Our experience has been passed down through generations

We manage over forty rental properties throughout Minnesota and have ownership in 29 different communities.

CEPCO Management is a qualified and authorized management agent for properties that participate in the following programs:

  • HUD Section 8
  • USDA RD Section 515
  • USDA RD Section 538
  • Housing Tax Credit Section 42
  • Leasehold Cooperatives
  • Affordable Rental Investment Fund Program (ARIF)
  • Minnesota Families Affordable Rental Investment Fund Program (MARIF)
  • Greater Minnesota Housing Fund Program
  • Minnesota Housing Agency First Mortgage Program
  • Tax Increment Financing Program

All of our employees are experienced professionals with a commitment to quality and service. Regardless of the location or property type, we strive to meet the same high standards for our properties, employees and residents.

As owners, developers, and managers, CEPCO Management, Inc. has the experience and expertise your real estate investment needs, in order to increase productivity and maximize long-term profitability.



CEPCO Management, Inc. is an equal opportunity housing provider and employer
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