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Our approach works

CEPCO Management, Inc. maintains and enhances the profitability of your properties by focusing on strong occupancy, controlled spending and positive resident relations.

CEPCO Management, Inc. offers each property owner a unique custom management plan that addresses their investments’ specific needs.

We offer the following services:

         Property Management Services:
                  Oversee The Entire Property’s Operations
                  Thorough Screening of Rental Applications
                  Coordinate Completion of Maintenance Work Orders
                  Personnel Management
                  Prepare & Complete Financial Budgets
                  Effective Communication with Property Owners
                  Effective and Thorough Communication with Regulatory Authorities

          Regulatory Compliance Services:
                  Comply with Federal, State, & Local Regulatory Requirements
                  Execute Accurate Monthly Compliance Reports
                  Oversee Certification Procedures
          Accounting Services:
                  Execute Timely Accounts Receivables & Payables
                  Generate and Analyze Accurate Monthly Financial Reports
                  Complete and Thorough Knowledge of Budget Reporting
                  Prepare Timely and Accurate Year End Financial Reporting

As property owners ourselves, we understand your goals, concerns and desires for your investment property.


CEPCO Management, Inc. is an equal opportunity housing provider and employer
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